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We are all apprentices in a profession where you never become a master

(Ernest Hemingway)

I met Ciro as a gelato customer. As a trainer and professional in Chocolate Academy. The availability and generosity in clearly explaining the techniques, outside the logic of tricks or ‘secrets’. Curiosity in experimenting to see what happens outside the box, allowing yourself to try and even make mistakes to understand and learn. Endowments as rare as they are precious.

Piergiorgio Gaggianese
ARTIS Gelateria Caffe' Letterario - Milano (MI)

“We started our journey in the world of ice cream with Ciro in 2016, taking courses on the management of an ice cream shop and the production of gelato and related products (cakes, cones, sticks, etc).
Armed with a dream and determination, we decided to leave for Spain with the aim of opening a successful gelateria and, after 3 years, we achieved our goal.
There is still a long way to go for us, but thanks to Ciro’s professional help, always ready to help us with his advice, we will be ready to achieve many other goals! “

Michael Capitanio e Cristina
Tiramis├╣ gelateria - Cartagena - Spagna

“The professionalism of Ciro is unquestionable because he is very prepared on the topics he deals with, he is a ‘strict’ teacher because he knows he can get the best results from his students by urging them to go further (his motto is ‘Either you train or you stop’) but above all in all that he does he uses a secret ingredient which, today, is indispensable: his Heart”

Carola Ghione
Gelateria Eldolz - Rapallo - (GE)

I have known Ciro for several years, and I appreciate the determination with which he has built his career as a “trainer”. His basic Gelato course has always been engaging for our boys in the Academy. The passion for the teaching art and the extreme ease with which he communicates distinguishes Ciro and places him among one of the most esteemed professionals.

Francesca Maggio
Direttore Icook Academy - Torino - (TO)

Ciro is a fantastic person! A great professional!He has the gift of knowing how to explain in a simple and interesting way with patience and respect for the learner. The lessons flow very pleasantly and fruitfully.

Silvia Chirico
Tenuta Chirico - Cheese Factory - Ascea - (SA)

Dear Maestro and Friend, thanks for the experiences spent together. Beautiful!!!!
I have an ice cream shop in Aracaju (Brazil) and from September it will be a franchise that I will sell all over Brazil.
Thanks again for the support and passion that you have transmitted to me and to all those who do our work, Our Passion

Massimo Orso
Gelateria ``IlCioccolato`` - Aracaju - Brasile

My luck is to have known you in the professional field,
which has meant that I have broadened my horizons within my profession. Thank you Maestro for your tireless availability.

Antonio Uricchio
Blue Ice 2.0 - Gelateria e Yogurteria - Montecorvino Rovella - (SA)

“Ciro is a valid and prepared person, a true ” ‘Maestro’ “.
He is very practical, available and has passion for his work,
he was an excellent teacher!
I still turn to him today for suggestions, advice or help.”

Giulia Lanciano
Bar Gelateria Al Viale - Lugano - Svizzera

Articles and Magazines

Here I am in a glossy versions of ‘Gelato Artigianale’, ‘il Gelatiere Italiano’ e ‘Cucina Italiana’.

Articles and Magazines

Here I am in a glossy versions of ‘Gelato Artigianale’, ‘il Gelatiere Italiano’ e ‘Cucina Italiana’.

My Masterclasses

The culinary schools I work and have collaborated with

Cast Alimenti, Icook, Hangar 78, Congusto gourmet institute, Alimenta Italia, Comprital Athenaeum, Metro Academy, Carpigiani University, Chocolate Academy Montreal and Chocolate Academy Milano where I’m the resident “Chocogelato Chef” at the moment.

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